Welcome to Lisa Eaton Counselling

Hello and Welcome, I’m Lisa and I offer short, medium or long term Professional Counselling and/or CBT from a comfortable and private room in Broadstone, Dorset.

Finding a Counsellor                                     

I know finding the right person to talk to can seem daunting and you might be feeling overwhelmed or nervous about making the first step. With this is mind, I will provide you with a friendly introduction to myself and how counselling can help.

We all at times need someone to talk to and a friend or relative can be just what you need at that time but there are times in our lives where emotional distress can feel unmanageable and overwhelming.

Perhaps you find yourself in a dilemma; maybe a decision needs to be made but you feel unable to make it. Any life-changing events such as a bereavement, loss or illness can lead to painful feelings or difficulty accepting circumstances. Maybe you are having a difficult time in your life and need some support. Problems that have arisen to affect you in this moment may be solvable in the short term, or perhaps the root of the problem lies in the past, possibly dating back from childhood or relationships.

Feelings and thoughts can be hard to let go of, so may continue to impact on you in the present and may need a longer exploration.

Either way, the support I can give as a qualified (MBACP),  experienced counsellor can help you to find a way to move forward in your life.

My aim in our counselling is to develop a therapeutic relationship with yourself and to achieve balance by gaining a non-judgemental perspective and insight of what life is really like for you. I offer you the opportunity to discuss your problems with me, someone who is empathic, neutral, non-judgemental and who will listen to you in a way that you may not have experienced before. Whilst exploring the root causes of painful and negative feelings and thoughts we will work together to help deal with difficulties which may enable you to move on from feeling stuck. (Please click on menu pages to find out more about Counselling and how I work)